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All about the Zisthub

This business was started by a team of doctoral students at Tarbiat Modares University (Tehran, Iran) in 2014. At first, the main mission of the group was the development of high value commodities based on microalgae species. This idea was tested by preliminary economic assessments at first and then by construction of novel photobioreactors, efficient extraction systems, and novel cultivation strategies altogether led to high biomass and bioproduct yield in lab scale. This idea was awarded the best innovation plan at 2017 K.N. Toosi Innovation and Business Plan Festival. It was also gained financial support from Iran National Science Foundation in 2016.

In the recent years, the business model and objectives were changed to a great extend accompanied by significant changes in the members of our team. Considering the real market data and also clear insights into microalgal biotechnology, we changed the business model to meet industrial demands. In 2019, we got some sponsorship both from industry and academia (for example from Changzhou University, Jiangsu, China) for realizing our ideas in practice. Our vision is to exploit the full potential of microalgae for addressing widespread problems in aquaculture, environment, feed, food, energy, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.  

At Zisthub, our mission is to design and construct sustainable aquaculture systems, develop specific algae cultivation and processing technologies, and prepare the essential resources for research including training packages, culture materials, and consulting services. The nature of biological research is such that it requires a great deal of time and precision to prepare the materials (e.g., cell culture) and choose the appropriate technology for economic production of a biological product. Our business will facilitate the research and development activities in algae-based companies.   

At Zisthub, we are qualified to manufacture aquaculture systems and to provide the necessary professional consultation in microalgal businesses and all the resources required for the production process from the initial conceptual design of the system up to the final construction and engineering services.

So far, we were successful in construction of several photobioreactor and open pond cultivation systems in lab- and pilot-scales for production of different algae-based products such as astaxanthin. We are pleased to publish our scientific discoveries in peer-reviewed journal papers. In addition, our team has more than 15 years of professional experience in soil mechanics and concrete technology (the manufacture and quality assurance of concretes and the repair of the damaged ones).  

A variety of culture media (Hoagland , BBM, BG11, N8, Zarrouk, Wallen, etc.) and 12 native Iranian microalgae (Hematococcus, Spirulina, Chlorella , Sinococcus, etc.) have been commercially prepared and ready to be presented to esteemed researchers. Our team with over a decade of academic and industrial experience has this ability to provide specialized advises in the various fields of algae cultivation and processing as well as the measurement of cellular metabolites. If you need any specific consultation, please give us this honor to collaborate with your organization. You can find out our latest products and services in the Zisthub website. 

Zisthub ensures the quality of the received product and is fully refunded if any problems arise. Also, in the event of any problems during cultivation or measurement of metabolites, Zisthub team will be with you to guide and speed up your research activities.

Zisthub is proud to collaborate with numerous research centers all around the globe. We can help you in implementing your investment projects on algae-based products.   


Selected Publications

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